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The Sidekicks STARS Program was designed to reward students for doing well while maintaining a strong
sense of work ethic. Students may earn points towards their stars by the following means:
Red Star = 25 Points
Gold Star = For every 100th point
Blue Star = Can be awarded by a student’s parent to their child for a particularly huge success or teen/adult that
achieved a really big personal goal(requires Chief Instructor’s approval)
Black Star = Awarded by the Chief Instructor to highlight a student who stands out for black belt effort
Red/White/Blue Star = Given to the student of the month so everyone knows he/she was student of the month.
Academic Success:
• Bring in a report card w/all A’s (10 points)
• Bring in a report card w/all A’s & B’s (8 pts)
• Top Marks in Conduct (4 pts)
• Conduct Improvement (2 points)
• Grade Improvement from Progress Report (2 pts)
• Perfect Attendance (2 pts.)
• Special Award (Student of the week, etc.) (2 pts)
Personal Successes:
• Complete monthly practice sheet (1 pt. per month)
• Complete 4 weekly job lists (5 pts)
• Complete Respect Worksheet (1 pt)
• Complete Self-Discipline Worksheet (1 pt)
• Read a book from the Recommended Reading list and write a paragraph describing how you can apply what
you’ve learned to your life. (10 pts)
Martial Arts Successes:
• Perfect Attendance – min 2 classes per week for 1 month (2 pts.)
• Complete a POWerful Words Project Sheet (5 points)
• Earn a stripe on your belt (1 pt)
• Take your next belt exam (5 pts)
• Participate in a SIDEKICKS events (3 pts)
• Participate in a SIDEKICKS sponsored charity or community service
event (10 pts)

Download the Stars Tracking Sheet Here:
STARS Tracking Sheet